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March 27th, 2015 by Hurley Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Employer’s Liability

There are 2 parts to a Workers Compensation policy.  The second, often overlooked part is called Employer’s Liability.  Employer’s Liability is what protects the employer in the event that an injured employee seeks compensation beyond medical bills and lost wages. Let’s say you own an accounting firm.  One day, one of your accountants is involved in a terrible calculator accident and loses their left arm... Read Article

Should I turn in a claim?

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Often times our clients will call us with what seems to be a minor insurance issue and ask if we think they should turn in a claim.  It’s always up to the discretion of the client, but here are some guidelines to help you decide whether you should use your insurance policy or not. What type of... Read Article

Workers Compensation Insurance Audits

Your workers compensation insurance premium is initially based upon an estimate.  You as the business owner are asked to provide an estimated payroll to the insurance carrier.  The insurance carrier then provides an estimated premium based upon the payroll that you provided. At the end of the year you will receive an audit request from your insurance carrier.  They will ask you to confirm your... Read Article

Does my homeowner’s policy cover sewer line replacement?

As with all coverage questions on a home insurance policy, the answer is definitely maybe. When a claims adjuster is considering whether your home insurance policy will cover your pipes, the first question they will ask is ‘where did the damage occur’.  If a pipe is damaged within the house, there may be coverage afforded on your policy.  If, however, the damage happened outside of... Read Article

Car Insurance Buying Tips

Just about every other commercial on TV and radio is a car insurance commercial telling you how much money you should be saving by switching to a particular company.  Company A claims that if you switch to them from Company B, you could save up to $492.  But Company B counters by claiming that if you switch to them from Company A, then you could... Read Article